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firmeza's Journal

Willpower for everybody ^__~
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la firmeza = [spanish] the willpower.

Your friends and/or family might think you will never complete your goals in life.
They might say there is no real plan behind what you are doing, that you have no willpower, that your so-called dreams are nothing but chimeras.
So what could you do to get out of your situation as it is today? Either you start getting depressed and do nothing, or you start doing something for your goal to show everybody that _that_ is what you want, and nothing else.
If you go for the latter, this community is ideal for you, because we are here to share our plans and to divide these plans into smaller goals, so that it is easier to approach your goal - step by step.
If you are more of the first type, you are also invited to come and share your point of view; nobody*ll hate you for this, and maybe, we*ll find a solution together.


PLEASE do not share your progress for self-destructive goals and similar stuff. This certainly is not the place to say how "great" e. g. eating disorders are, or similar "goals" that are worth doing in your holy opinion. You can share whatever you want in your own journal; but this is MY community, so I will not accept any violation of this rule.

Also, please be nice to each other. You are not here to argue, but to support each other. And nobody is inferiour to you just because they have a different race, gender, nationality, ... You get the idea.

And stay on-topic. This community has not been made to advertise e. g. rating communities. There are communities out there where you can advertise those communities, so do not annoy us with that.

Please put longer entries and pictures behind an LJ-cut.

And! it is you who chooses how much time you need to complete your goal. Of course, if a certain amount is not enough, you can prolong it ... But still, do your best to get as far as you can. ^^

Please do not use tags for your entries. This is mainly because there is just a limited amount of tags we can use. Instead, ask me to add your entry to the memory-section :). There, I can choose categories. Or just add it the memories of your very own journal.