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First week :)
Kouji Stars
mitsukohime wrote in firmeza
I thought I should post my plan for this week. It will get more difficult throughout the time I chose for myself :).

~ 30 min. guitar practice every day. ~
~ 30 min. singing practice every day. ~
~ When listening to songs, be sure to really give a listen mostly to what you like about these songs. ~
~ Read as much about composing techniques as possible and collect the info. ~
~ Do some music theory exercises as often as possible. ~
~ Choose up to five songs you want to play on the guitar and sing and try to find the tabs and/or the musical notes for them on the www. ~
~ Remember to write down your daily progress on LJ or another site of your choice. ~

By the way, I found a great program to record things with :). I even tested it with an old song by a band made up by my sister* and myself :D. It really works well; I might write more about it in the near future ... I am just happy I have it now ^^.


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