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Freeeezing moments!! :D
Kouji Stars
mitsukohime wrote in firmeza
Here*s my introductory post to start with. You are invited to do the same, but not forced to ...

My name is Rina and I am 24 years old. I live in Aachen, Germany, and there are many things I want to change about my current life. Therefore, I created this community :).

I am happy that this community exists now, and I will enjoy writing entries in here :D. I have got a whole bunch of things I want to do in this life, and I am also already working on some of them. I want to get used to working even harder on approaching them, on reaching them. I am sure I will be able to complete them :D - TSCHAKKA!!

So here are some of my dreams :

- Become a singer/musician, and all that it implies :)
- Learn how to speak certain languages, esp. Finnish and Japanese
- Go on holiday to my favourite countries :D ... Okay, not all at once, but I want to see them so badly~ ^^
- Lose weight

I just started with the weight loss thing, and I am still working on it. There isn*t a specific amount of time I created for myself yet, but I will probably set up one by the beginning of next week, or the end of the current week. However, I won*t say "I want to lose 50 kilos in 6 weeks" or something the like; that*s just impossible and also demotivating. :P But I want to see how far I can get.

My main goal is also the one I want to start with. Maybe after getting used to what to do everyday, I will start working on the language-goal, too ^^. As for the musician goal, I set myself six weeks for the preparation ... Meaning, learning as much as I can about music theory, composing techniques, music genres, etc. I will also do some other things concerning this goal, but don*t worry, I don*t expect myself to be a complete musician by the end of the sixth week. It is just the preparation - as I said.

I am looking forward to the start of this era :] ...

And that*s that. Thank you all for reading *group hug*!! Now I am looking forward to your posts, too ^o^ ...


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